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Family Medicine is one of the broadest medicine practices that allow us to provide comprehensive care to patients and their families.
In our center, you will find highly-trained specialists to solve a large part of the pathologies that exist in outpatient medical care.
We look at the patient as a "whole" within society, within the family, and within themself. We do preventive and rehabilitation medicine. We are prepared to guide and educate the patients, their families, and the community surrounding them.
Our goal is to keep the population as healthy as possible and achieve effective self-care with continuous care.

About Us

We have a multidisciplinary team, which can deliver from primary health care to a more specific specialty.
We provide the highest quality, comprehensive, and personalized attention.
We are an independent health center, which allows us to be much more individualized. Our team helps to integrate various aspects of health, including a holistic approach.

We are dedicated:

We provide the highest comprehensive medical care delivered in the Huntington NY area, with a dedicated bilingual support team to solve people's health problems.

We are innovators:

We are a Family Medicine specialist with extensive training. We are trained to treat a wide spectrum of medical conditions and provide comprehensive support for people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, etc. 

Our Family Medicine specialty allows us to coordinate care with other sub-specialists to ensure that our patients receive the most comprehensive and innovative care possible.

we are different:

We are oriented by the common good and professional ethics, applying clinical reasoning based on evidence solving problems related to health and disease. We establish solid relationships, doctor-user-family communicating in an empathetic and effective way.
We are part of and work effectively with multidisciplinary teams that are leaders.
We are capable of contributing to the generation and the transfer of knowledge in the field of family medicine so that our patients achieve efficient self-care.

Family medicine

About Family Medicine

This practice was born mainly to care for the person as a whole, focusing on diseases in a contextualized way.
The specialists of this medicine have the specific skills to take care of the health of the people and their families in a continuous and comprehensive way and with a decisive capacity and coordination with other health doctors.

The training of family physicians' studies allows us to deliver an initial confrontation to the vast majority of health problems in outpatient medical care. We are specialists in comprehensive health. We provide answers, treatment, and monitoring of different types of diseases.
This type of preventive medicine allows us to establish comprehensive care and monitoring plan.

How do we work

We carry out contextualized diagnoses of patients' health problems.

We formulate continuous care plans.

We carry out accompaniment in each of the stages of the life of people in the health field.

We provide health care that favors the well-being and good living of our patients.

We carry out health diagnoses that integrate different variables, such as social, cultural, and other aspects.

Our services

Routine physical examinations

No matter your age, it is important for you to have an annual physical, or routine preventive exam (RPE). The main goal of a routine preventive exam is to find health problems you have early on, before they become serious and much more difficult to treat.

Chronic disease management

Treatments for chronic diseases differ according to the type of pathology. For example, diabetes is treated with insulin, vision defects with corrective glasses or surgery, and tumors with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.

Sonogram services

Immigration examinations

It is an exam stipulated by homeland security; for a person to apply for resident status in the United States, this exam has to be performed by a doctor designated by USCIS. In our center, we have all the permits to carry out this type of exam.


We focus on the treatment and diagnosis of diseases and conditions that affect the physical and emotional well-being of a woman.

Nerve conduction studies

A nerve conduction study is a commonly used medical diagnostic test to assess the function, especially electrical conduction ability, of the motor and sensory nerves of the human body.

Specialist onside / Pediatric and newborn care with immunizations

Commercial Driver's License (CDL) exams

A DOT physical helps determine if a driver is physically, mentally, and
emotionally fit to operate a CMV.

Allergy and immunotherapy

Easy and safe

In our Huntington Family center, we also have Telemedicine care. This type of medicine has several advantages, among them are:
It is easy to access; even if you are not a technology "expert", you can easily enter.
It is carried out from the comfort of wherever you are.
It Helps optimize time.

It has the attention of trained professionals in Family Medicine.

how it works

You may wonder how this type of medicine works, but it is just like any other outpatient consultation. The patient can schedule their appointment via phone, receiving instructions on how to enter through their phone. Then the video call occurs at the scheduled time and with the selected specialist.
Right now, in our center, all exam results are being done through the Telemedicine platform.


Our team

Medical director

Evelyn tuero-llanos

Born in the United States,  was raised and educated in the Dominican Republic. After finishing medical school at the age of 22 she completed her residency at North Shore Hospital in Glen Cove, NY. As a bilingual family practice physician with roots in different cultures Dr. Llanos is able to walk in many different worlds. She has practiced in the Dominican Republic, Miami FL, and in different areas of Long Island, where she now lives with her three wonderful children.


Ada Lee is a board certified nurse practitioner who specialized in Gerantology. She believed in effectionate care towards the golden-ager. Ada is caring, compassionate, and professional with 13 years of nursing background which enable her to constantly providing the caring aspect within the arts of medicine. She strongly believe in preventative care and advocating for her patients. Ada graduated cum laude at Molloy College in 2016 while obtaining her Master's degree.

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